Resources for Your Marriage

Do you ever feel at times that you could use a good, solid resource for issues that surface in your marriage? offers numerous resources on the meaning and beauty of marriage in God's plan and provides support to couples at every stage of their journey. Originally launched in 2007, is an initiative of the USCCB that began as the communications component of the National Pastoral Initiative for Marriage. It continues to play a key role in advancing the USCCB's priority on marriage and family. The website is now also mobile responsive.

A marriage resource section offers daily marriage tips, marriage help and support links, and solutions to common challenges. Along with these resources, the website features couples who write about their real-life experiences as engaged, newlyweds, or seasoned couples with weekly blog posts.

Other websites hosted by the USCCB and dedicated to promoting marriage include and

For those couples who are engaged and are planning their Marriage Liturgy, click here for a wonderful resource "Your Wedding in the Catholic Church" developed by the Office of Worship. You can also go to the Marriage Preparation website for the Diocese of Belleville for other helpful resources including the Pre Cana Schedule.