Parish Partnership Training

Diocese of Belleville Parish Partnership Training:
Custom Catholic Ministry Coaching for Parish Partnerships: Overview


Parish Ministries today don' t always have the professional skills in-house or opportunities for developing of those skills to be able to realize their full potential. And most can't afford to hire a development employee.

The Department of Faith Formation/Education and the Parish Success Group is ready to step into the development role without the high cost! With more than 20 years of front-line work in Parish ministry, Rich Curran, of Parish Success Group has faced many of the same problems your volunteers are facing. Rich has built successful ministries all across the country and it' s from this experience that he's able to provide valuable perspective and practical, targeted ideas to solve issues and move your parish and parish Partnership forward.

Parish Success Group's custom ministry coaching is designed to tackle those trouble spots that don't necessarily require a full training program. These sessions are delivered the way that makes the most sense for your situation: in-person or via video or even phone support!

How will you know if it's working? Because no ministry can afford to take chances, Parish Success Group makes measurable results a critical part of what we offer.

Using engaging hands-on training methods and expert coaching, during live, on-site sessions, Parish Success Group will guide your volunteers through four key areas of skill building. Not only do they provide valuable insights into these four distinct areas, they also help your team understand how each fits into the whole and how they work together. Once completed, they'll have the skills they need to build and grow your parish ministries as a team, with common goals and shared responsibilities.

Training is tailored to the needs of each parish, with 1-, 2- or 3-day conferences or overnight retreat options. During these sessions, we use role play and practice new approaches, techniques and skills using real-life situations and challenges. Specific topics are covered for parish, catechetical and youth ministry leadership and include organizational planning and development, management tips and skills, targeted recruiting and training, building donor relations, conflict resolution, marketing, social media communication, and many more.

The skills taught during Parish Success Group's customizable training include:

  1. Developing a Plan
    Success is rarely accidental. For your parish/parish partnership to build a successful ministry, employees and volunteers need to know the goal and the steps they have to take to get there. This skill set is dedicated to developing the roadmap that will guide your team to its destination. Teams who have been through this segment of the training will be able to:
    • Demonstrate and articulate an understanding of the goals specific for your ministry
    • Explain and apply relevant Catholic documents
    • Complete an evaluation of current ministry performance including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
    • Prepare a written 1, 3 & 5-year growth plan
    • Develop growth steps and articulate a vision for expansion
    • Identify the support structures needed to successfully execute the plan

  2. Building the Team

    Your plan won' t succeed without the right volunteers in place to execute it. Once you find them, you need to successfully train them and ensure they understand the goals of your ministry. This segment of the Parish Success Group training will help your parish/parish partnership:
    • Identify the skill sets lacking in the team
    • Employ the best methods of recruiting
    • Understand and practice successful training techniques
    • Learn how to continually engage new volunteers
    • Understand the benefits and pitfalls of successful management
    • Practice skills that develop internal and external motivation in teams

  3. Making the Pitch

    There is no magic at work when it comes to creating a thriving ministry. Just building it does not mean they will come. You need to sell it! You need to reach out to your targets ? and your donors ? using the tools and the language they? ll understand. After this stage of the training, your team will:
    • Practice the art of clear, modern communication
    • Understand how to use the strengths of social media while avoiding the pitfalls
    • Develop strategies for clear communication with staff, volunteers, families and parishioners
    • Review the basics of intentional budgeting and growth investments
    • Learn and practice successful grant writing
    • Identify and articulate needs for a financial development team
    • Practice positive donor relations and communication techniques

  4. Growing the Parish

    To build a ministry that matters, you need to periodically review what you? re doing and ask yourself: is it working? Of course, you need to know how to answer that question by understanding how you will measure for success. There will be hurdles to overcome and volunteers to keep energized. In this skill set, your team will learn to:
    • Develop a written plan for personal mental, physical and spiritual health
    • Identify measurable growth in ministries
    • Review and articulate sustainable ministry structures
    • Deal with negativity and unforeseen challenges
    • Review and promote the benefits of inter-departmental collaboration


Cohort #2

Parish Partnerships City (Physical Location) Vicariate
Immaculate Conception Parish Columbia Metro East
Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish Dupo  
St. Mary Parish Mount Carmel East
St. Sebastian Parish St. Sebastian  
St. Mary the Immaculate Conception Parish Mount Vernon North Central
St. Barbara Parish Scheller  

Cohort #1

Parish Partnerships City (Physical Location) Vicariate
Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish Belleville Metro East
Blessed Sacrament Parish Belleville  
St Augustine of Hippo Parish East St Louis Metro East
Immaculate Conception (Chapel) East St Louis  
St Joseph Parish Freeburg Metro East
St Agatha Parish New Athens  
St Elizabeth Parish Ava West
St Andrew Parish Murphysboro  
St Ann Parish Raddle  


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