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Catholic Schools: Communities of Respect is one of the priorities for Catholic schools.  They are also very special places with academic rigor, faith formation and character development. Respect can’t ever be taken for granted within our Catholic schools. Respect is part of the school day in every classroom, school office, school assembly, playground, sports event and cafeteria. Respect is what we should proclaim to the school community and beyond. Respect begins with each student’s self-respect and is built outward to fellow students, teachers, administrators, family members and everyone they meet. This is done in every Catholic school by teaching the Gospel message and challenging students to live their faith every day.

In a Catholic school a joyful and Gospel-centered environment enriches the minds, hearts and souls of  students and prepares them to grow in their faith and responsibility to live justly. All curriculum and   instruction in the Catholic school is permeated with religious and moral values promoted in the Gospels. Students explore their faith through classes, participation in spiritual activities and in Christian service programs. While not all students are Catholic, all are invited to share their experiences and grow in their own moral development. The Catholic school climate and mission cultivate the religious, spiritual and moral knowledge to prepare students to succeed in this world and the next by serving God in others.

Catholic schools emphasize scholarly achievement and responsible behavior, while at the same time, celebrate and instill the faith. Catholic schools have traditionally been successful because they understand that these are not mutually exclusive but complimentary to one another. This is why families, regardless of their faith, invest in Catholic schools. They see the value and embrace the understanding that they want more than just an academic education for their children.

Families want their children to grow as individuals with a deep-rooted sense of respect for other people. They want their children to display good character when engaging with others. This is what makes a Catholic education different.   pdf (112 KB)


pdf (112 KB)  Another element that helps develop good character, and is also complimentary, is that Catholic schools emphasize a component of service to others. By offering opportunities for students to choose a volunteer service as part of their education, Catholic schools provide a rich advantage to them. Investing students in the process, by allowing them to make decisions for themselves that are grounded in the faith and make a difference in the lives of others, they are more independent and feel confident making respectful decisions about faith, life and relationships with others.

Parents who gift their children with a Catholic education are laying the foundation that will inspire and guide them through their lifetime. They know that their children will be nurtured in the Gospel message and challenged to see themselves as able to make a difference in the world.

Another important value learned in a Catholic school community is that of inclusion. Helping each child understand the importance of respecting all, allows them to recognize that they are called to be responsible global citizens.

This formation of recognizing the presence of Christ in themselves and others, which is begun at home, is not only fostered but is celebrated in Catholic schools. Not only do Catholic schools teach the value of respect for others, they also teach the importance of respect for various religions of the world.

 Teaching global awareness of other faiths and social justice issues encourages students to be responsible, responsive, compassionate and empathetic to the beliefs, feelings and needs of others. By teaching morality in accordance with Gospel values, all members in a Catholic school community show self -discipline and respect for everyone.






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