Diocesan Staff

Name Position Phone Sort
Ache, Mary Ellen Child Protection Administrative Assistant 618-722-5055 Faith Formation
Barragan, Lucia Hispanic Mininstry Administrative Coordinator 618-722-5050 Pastoral Services
Boyer, Deacon Douglas L. Chancellor 618-972-2218 Canonical Affairs
Braxton, Bishop Edward K. Bishop of the Diocese of Belleville 618-277-8181 Bishop
Flach, V.F., Reverend Monsignor Thomas D. Defender of the Bond Tribunal
Flynn, SSND, Sr. Mary Fran Diocesan Archives 618-722-5057 Canonical Affairs
Fournie, Mrs. Mary Administrative Assistant, Faith Formation 618-722-5056 Faith Formation
Gibbons, Mr. Michael D. Chief Financial Officer 618-722-5011 Temporal Affairs
Hasenstab, Mr. Gerry Catholic Urban Programs Executive Director 618-398-5616 Social Outreach
Hoffman, Mrs. Judy Executive Administrative Assistant to Bishop 618-722-5003 Bishop
Hornick, ASC, Sr. Joan Hispanic Mininstry Communications Coordinator 618-722-5049 Pastoral Services
Huelsmann, Mrs. Mary Finance Office Assistant 618-722-5013 Temporal Affairs
Huett, Mrs. Sue Director of Pastoral Services 618-722-5038 Pastoral Services
Hunt, Mrs. Kathleen Office of Development Administrative Assistant 618-722-5012 Temporal Affairs
Jimenez, Ada Hispanic Mininstry Family Advocate 618-722-5051 Pastoral Services
Johnson, Deacon Bill Director of Facilities and Risk Management 618-233-1090 Temporal Affairs
Junker, Reverend Nicholas G. Vocations Director 618-722-5035 Canonical Affairs
Kohrmann, Mrs. Tina Director of Human Resources 618-722-5005 Temporal Affairs
Kreher, Mrs. Linda Administrative Assistant to Vicar General and Chancellor 618-722-5004 Bishop
Landoll, Mr. Gary Director of Youth Ministry 618-722-5037 Faith Formation
Lanter, Deacon Robert J. Advocate, Coordinator of Deacons 618-722-5042 Tribunal
Margason, J.C.L. M.Div., Reverend Monsignor James E. Judge Tribunal
Markfort Jennifer Administrative Assistant, Office of Worship 618-722-5040 Pastoral Services
McEvilly, V.G., Very Reverend John W. Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia 618-722-5001 Bishop
McSparin Dustin Coordinator of Lay Ministry and Catechist Certification/Program Assistant/Onsite Coordinator for Into My Vineyard program 618-722-5058/618-722-5048 Faith Formation/Pastoral Services
Muscarello, Mrs. Lynn Child Protection 618-722-5026 Faith Formation
Myler, S.T.D., V.F. , Reverend Monsignor John T. Advocate 618-234-1166 Bishop/Tribunal
Nall, J.C.L., Very Reverend James M. Judicial Vicar 618-722-5025 Tribunal
Nastoff, Mrs. Elaine Finance Office Assistant 618-722-5014 Temporal Affairs
Orlet, Christopher Editor, The Messenger 618-722-5044 Pastoral Services
Philips, Mrs. Judy Director of Development 618-722-5007 Temporal Affairs
Posnanski, Mr. Thomas Director of Education 618-722-5053 Faith Formation
Powers, Deacon Thomas & Sandee Marriage Preparation 815-302-5168 Pastoral Services
Quirin, Mrs. Renee Notary 618-722-5029 Tribunal
Reuter, O.F.M., Fr. Christian Prison Ministry Coordinator 618-482-5570 Pastoral Services
Rieso, Mrs. Jane Marketing Representative/Web Content Specialist, The Messenger 618-722-5036 Pastoral Services
Schilling, Mrs. Patty Administrative Assistant, The Messenger 618-722-5045 Pastoral Services
Schuette, Mr. Michael Vice President of the Board, Catholic Charities of Southern IL 618-398-5616 Social Outreach
Seiffert, Mr. Eric Advertising, The Messenger 618-722-5047 Pastoral Services
Slapshak, Mr. Louis Prison Ministry Associate Coordinator 618-234-8334 Pastoral Services
Timmerman, Mr. David Associate Director of Education 618-722-5054 Faith Formation
Wade, Ms. Nancy Data Manager 618-722-5009 Temporal Affairs
Waeltz, Mr. Dave Controller 618-722-5008 Temporal Affairs
Warner, Mrs. Patti Associate Director of Deacon Formation 618-722-5043 Canonical Affairs
Wetzel, Brittany Human Resources Administrative Assistant 618-722-5006 Temporal Affairs
Wienhoff, J.C.L., Reverend Paul Promotor of Justice 618-722-5027 Tribunal
Wojcik, V.F., Very Reverend Eugene H. Director of Deacon Formation 618-826-2444 Canonical Affairs